Target PADDLES double layer

Target PADDLES double layer

Target Paddles double layered produce sound when impacted. High-density dual punching surface, perfectly designed for combine speed, power and accuracy. Constructed of ultra-resistant microfiber leather. The reinforced paddle shaft contain Poly-Viscose bar that makes it easier to manage and control the impact of power-punches. Layers of high-tech density cell-shock foam form a thick slab of shock-absorbent padding that efficiently focus the impacts.


• High-density Punching Surface;
• Angled Paddle Shaft with Poly-Viscose bar Insert;
• Comfort Grip Handle
• Durable Wrist Loop


• Size : 33cm x 17.75cm x 7cm)
• Punching Surface: 17.75cm
• Handle Circumference: 13.5cm
• Thickness: 7cm
• Interior: high-tech density cell-shock foam padding
• Material: ultra-resistant microfiber leather


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