FineTec PRO FIGHT boxing gloves offer the best safety and comfort available. The form-fitting design of these gloves enables effective protection for your hands by keeping them in place during practice and games.

Premium Material: Leather with a microfiber matte finish

Moreover, the high-quality Microfiber Matte leather used in these gloves is designed to withstand the rigors of intense training sessions and rigorous boxing matches. This durable material ensures that the gloves maintain their performance and longevity even with frequent use. As a result, these gloves are a reliable choice for athletes looking for gear that can keep up with their training demands. Whether you’re practicing on the pads, working the heavy bag, or stepping into the ring for a match, these gloves are built to endure it all.
The Best Shock Absorption

The FineTec PRO FIGHT boxing gloves are the best at taking the biggest hits. Manufacturers use hand-ergonomic, pre-curved, flexible, shock-absorbent mold foam to pad the gloves. This foam successfully spreads the force of impact evenly across the padding. This high-tech padding makes sure that your hands stay safe and sound, even when you’re working out hard.

Better stability and grip

With FineTec PRO FIGHT boxing gloves, it’s never been easier to throw hard punches. The carefully made Foam Grip Bar gives you a natural grip that makes it easy to make a super fist. This makes the ring more sturdy, easier to handle, and gives you the confidence to show off your ability.

Strong wrist support

Boxers often hurt their wrists, but with FineTec PRO FIGHT boxing gloves, you can lower your risk. The gloves have a cuffed wraparound Velcro closure method that gives your wrists strong support and stability. While training, support your hands properly to reduce the risk of injuries and train with confidence.

Get to Know the Difference

FineTec PRO FIGHT boxing gloves are the best way to take your training to the next level, no matter how experienced you are or how new you are to the sport. These gloves will help you do your best in the ring because they protect, last, and perform better than any other gloves on the market. Find out for yourself what the difference is between FineTec PRO FIGHT boxing gloves and other gloves on the market.


Microfiber Matte Leather construction
• Adjustable Wider wrap aligns around the wrists
• Secure and comfortable fit
• Molded foam delivers shock-absorbing knuckle protection
• Hand ergonomics and natural fit eliminates hand strain
• Attached thumb makes it easy to hold and balance your hand
• Moisture repellent Inner lining stays cool when your hands get hot


• Hand protection:Pre-designed Curved mold foam
• Closure: Velcro closure Wrap with added elastic patch for adjustment
• Lining: Soft nylon lining
• Material: Synthetic Matte finished leather
• Extras: Attached thumb, foam grip bar, ergonomic thumb position
• Best for: sparring, Pad work, heavy bags drill and professional Fights
• Weights: 08oz, 10oz, 12oz, 14oz, 16oz


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