About Us

About Us

Fine Tec

“Where Passion Meets Precision”
Martial Arts & Boxing Equipment Pvt., LTD
Combat Sports Gears Manufacturer and Exporter

The company is engaged in designing, manufacturing and exporting multitude of products for disciplines; Martial Arts, Boxing , Kick Boxing, MMA and Muay Thai fights. As the worldwide pioneer, we use over thirty years of experience to assist brands become great with a devoted methodology towards development, quality control, delivery and calculated association. We have been continuously investing in latest machinery, staff training & variety of materials R&D to manufacture the best gears for our customers. Each and every material we use in manufacturing of products is custom made at our own specifications.

Better Product today leads to a successful future: We responsively, promote brands so they can flourish, develop and motivate their end users. We are conceited to design and manufacture the excellent quality gears with our own international brand VOLCA®. Our journey has been fulfilling and challenging but has skilled us the value of continuous learning and improving. We are proud to design and manufacture our own high-quality gears.

Product’s Quality: Every product has endured rigorous testing by both our quality control department and brand ambassadors. This is to ensure that our equipment can withstand the most arduous workouts and countless training sessions.

Manufacturing Facility: We offer a satisfied combination of facilities and production.
90,000 Square Feet Building
300 Highly trained Employees
10 operating Departments for assorted functions
Monthly Production Capacity; 10,000+ Boxing Gloves, 5,000+ Boxing Training Gears
3,000+ Martial Arts Uniforms

Our Testimonial: Renowned combat brands have made us their R & D and production hub across the years. They trust us because we have worked to turn their passions into fascination with the help of our consistent experience and a great operational team.

We would welcome you: In addition to our commitment to quality and reliability, we are also dedicated to providing exceptional customer service. We do welcome you to build a long-lasting and mutually beneficial relationship with your esteemed company.

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